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Our research and development department strives to provide the best expert advisor (EA) where traders are able to solve issues while making smart trading decisions.

We are dedicating 100% of our efforts to eliminate the various issues such as greed, fear, emotions, bias, interruptions, indiscipline and more that will lead to significant repercussions to a trader’s financial portfolio.

We leverage technology to aids every traders’ accuracy in making trading decisions. The advanced financial technology is a tried and tested method that is proven accurate through numerous trial and error processes. Thus, we can assure users our technology helps traders to make the right judgement and get a consistent return.

As the foremost financial technology provider, we introduce our solutions or Expert Advisors (EA), that cater to every trader, from beginners to professional traders.

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Expert Advisor

Expert Advisor Design

Our engineering team are dedicated to designing Expert Advisor that cater to the majority’s needs in the trading market.

Quantum Calculation

It consists of a quantum calculation that includes factors such as momentum, daily average range, volume, grid strategy, news impact filtration, etc.

Indicator Combination

There can be thousands of indicator combinations that are uniquely designed to fit every trader’s strategy and risk appetite.

Trading Decision

Helps new traders to have better judgement in making trading decisions.

Expert Advisor


In the semi-auto system, our expert advisor to identify entries and notify traders to make a decision with push notifications to the trader’s mobile phones. This way, traders do not miss out on any good entries while increasing efficiency and effectiveness in making trading decisions.

When a trader makes an entry, our semi-auto expert advisor will help to identify whether the entry is valid and accurate. It helps a trader to exit a good entry or help to manoeuvre a bad entry to the correct position by adding correct entries. Hence, traders can enter the market, worry-free.

Fully automated trading robots help traders to trade using the system itself. By combining multiple trading strategies, we recorded the entry accuracy to be an estimated 80%+ throughout 5 years.

We have been collecting data and results from many of our supporting clients from the very beginning until today.

The beauty of using trading robots is that it enables the trader to avoid risk factors that may lead to losses in trading such as emotion, indiscipline and greed. In contrast with human self-trading that is affected by tiredness and distractions, trading robots have strict control that can prevent any missed good entries.

Trading robot (EA)


Decision-making in traditional trading was based on human intuition and extensive knowledge of finance and economics. Due to the developments in computing and evolving technologies, many professional traders have begun to formalise and automate their trading ideas in the form of trading rules.

These rule-based systems were developed from both market and fundamental data analysis such as price and volume information, as well as public information of the traded assets.

We believe that Trading Robot and finance go hand in hand. Machine learning and different techniques created new systems to spot patterns, in which the human brain is incapable of doing. Since finance is quantitative, to begin with, it is laborious not to notice traction.

We created a specific fund management that performs all operational transaction solely using trading robot, with the absence of human intervention. As quoted by our CEO, “If we all die, it’ll still continue to trade”.

We recorded a 76% trading accuracy by using this trading robot system for 3 years. By 2017, we have our first 100% EA-Powered Forex trading fund. In the first week of operations, it went up by 1%, consequently beating the S & P 500 index. Remarkably, by August 2018, its equity rose by 20%.

Advantages of EA

There are several advantages to trading with an Expert Advisor.

Automated trading system can trade 24/7

The software can trade on multiple markets at the same time. Whenever a market is open, the EA can trade it without limiting the number of systems, currency pairs and time frames that can trade simultaneously. Customers can also trade other asset classes like cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities.

Generate signals in fractions of a second

An automated forex trading system or Expert Advisor can do this faster than any human and without the chance of human error. No matter how long they trade, EAs do not get tired, lose concentration, or make mistakes.

No emotions involved

It is well known that the weakest point in a trading process is often the person doing the trading, and automated systems can be used to eliminate this problem.

Convenient and time-saving

EAs mean you do not have to spend all your time watching the market.


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