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Customised Expert Advisor

How It Works

Understandably, the most challenging part of building a customised EA is not the programming but communicating the concept and testing. Here, we give you a breakdown of how a typical project goes:


Customer submits the parameters and concept of their trading strategy. As programmers, we will examine the feasibility of programming and building the system.


The actual programming work begins.


Once completed, we will begin testing, and the customer will also provide feedback to ensure the implementation of accurate trading strategies or any input errors.


Once the errors and areas of improvements have been detected, our team will fix and send a revised version. The testing cycle continues until the system is found to be workable without errors.

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Customised Trading Robot EA

Payments and Pricing

Our services require a 70% payment deposit before we initiate the project. The remaining 30% payment balance will be charged after the completion of the trading programme. Should there be any bugs or errors found in the programme after delivery, we will fix it free of charge. However, modifications to the strategy in the programme will require additional fees.

Customised Trading Robot EA

Scope of Work

When the project concept reaches a point of clarity, the project manager will send a scope of work (SOW) to the customer. The purpose of the SOW is to bridge the gap between:

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Explaining the customer’s trading strategy in precise English


Structuring the explanation to make it simple and easy to understand. Thus, ensuring that the programmer can easily read, refer and immediately begin programming with a clear understanding of the concept.

The SOW structure is similar to a checklist where: I know to enter the market when items x, y and z are checked off. Those items are similar to evaluating to true or false. If they are all true, then the EA should enter a trade. If not, then the EA does not need to do anything.

The project manager creates the SOW to confirm his or her understanding of the trading strategy. In other words, they will parrot the strategy to the client. Thus, we can ensure that the message conveyed and received are the same on both ends before accepting any form of payment. Moreover, this offers the opportunity to correct any mistakes before it happens.

As the fully formed idea and complete picture are in the client’s mind, the project manager carries the load of following your thoughts and ideas and putting it to paper for the programmers’ understanding.  

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Customised Trading Robot EA

Testing the Expert Advisor

The initial version of an Trading Robot EA rarely comes out perfectly as the final, polished product. While programmers test the product, there is a difference between running an EA on backtests compared to using the software in real life. Hence, almost all software companies hire a trained quality assurance engineer to test software as it takes a lot of work.

Even the most trivial EA usually require hours of testing to discover bugs and errors in the software.  A general issue such as “trailing stop does not work properly” is inadequate to explain the problem to the programmer properly. The project manager will require MetaTrader log files, screenshots and a written overview of the problem to reverse engineer and detect the issue’s origin.

Fixing the bugs, big or small, may take as long as 2-4 weeks from the date of delivery. We will require consistent communications with our customers and may also require the market to do something that causes the EA to react incorrectly.

Customised Trading Robot EA

Customer Rights

All customers of Alpha Union will receive the original source code for the project software. The customer is free to distribute the code in any way, including for profit. If our customers should like to sell their Trading Robot EA to cover the cost of development, we can guide customers on how to distribute licensed versions of their EA to ensure that traders are only able to use it on one computer.

All trading algorithms sent to Alpha Union are held as private and confidential. We consider all price estimates and ideas in regards to them as the customer’s intellectual property. We make no ownership claims on any ideas received to develop them into code. Since clients make payment to purchase the codes, they are within their rights to use them however, they like.

We typically provide complimentary minor tweaks to the code at no additional cost. The number of tweaks depends on the number of hours initially purchased, the difficulty of the change, total hours spent on the project, etc. Ultimately, we strive to build ongoing relationships with our customers to provide them with services that cover all their programming needs and as accurately as possible.

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Customised Trading Robot EA

Money Back Guarantee

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Customised Trading Robot EA

Project Termination


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